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Eco Firelighters (small bag)

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Good Fuel delivery zone 1 - Barnstaple

Zone 1

Within 5 miles of Barnstaple

Good Fuel delivery zone 2 - Barnstaple

Zone 2

Within 15 miles of Barnstaple

Good Fuel delivery zone 3 - Devon

Zone 3

Devon (by pallets only)

Good Fuel delivery zone 4 - South West

Zone 4

Cornwall, Dorset & Somerset (by pallets only)

1 Bag (28 pieces) of Eco Firelighters
Free delivery within 5 miles of Barnstaple or collection from depot (Zone 1)
Minimum order of 5 bags to qualify for free local delivery


1 Bag (28 pieces) of Eco Firelighters
£10 delivery within 15 miles of Barnstaple (Zone 2)
Free delivery for orders over £100


1 Bag (28 pieces) of Eco Firelighters
£7.50 delivery within Devon (Zone 3)


1 Bag (28 pieces) of Eco Firelighters
£7.50 delivery within Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset (Zone 4)


If You Care – 100% biomass firelighters

We are stockists for ‘If You Care’ 100% Biomass Firelighters. These are made from FSC certified wood and contain 100% non-GMO vegetable oil. These environmentally friendly fire starting cubes can be used to replace those made with kerosene and other petroleum products. They are ideal to light fireplaces, grills, wood burning stoves and campfires and fire pits.

These great firelighters are made with wood sourced from sustainably managed forests and vegetable oil. They are non-toxic and harmless when in contact with plants, vegetation or aquatic organisms.

What makes our Eco Firelighters special?

  • Burn for 8-10 minutes each

  • Extremely stable with very long shelf life

  • Do not dry out or lose their firepower even after opening

  • No unpleasant smells

  • Not oil or greasy

  • Firelighters are made from wood & vegetable oil

  • Paper bag made from wood from sustainably managed forests

  • Packaging made with 100% non-toxic inks and glues

  • Wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests

  • 100% non-GMO vegetable oil

  • 100% renewable resources

  • Net from cellulose fibres 

Eco firelighters delivered to Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset & Hampshire

Our products can be collected from our store near Barnstaple, North Devon, or from one of our stockists. We also deliver across North Devon including Bude, Bideford, Exmoor, South Molton and Tiverton. For customers further afield in Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset minimum order quantities apply.

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