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Fire & Stove Fuels

Hardwood Briquettes

1 bag (approx 95 briquettes). Also availalbe in bulk quantities.

from £11.00

Hardwood Briquettes (20 bags)

20 bags (approx 95 briquettes per bag).

from £285.00

Heat Logs

1 pack (6 logs). Also availalbe in bulk quantities.

from £8.75

Heat Logs (24 packs)

24 packs (144 logs)

from £260.00

Heat Logs (48 packs)

48 packs (288 logs)

from £399.00

Hardwood Logs

1 large dumpy bag (approx 1m³)

from £215.00
Chimnea burning hardwood briquettes

which fire or stove fuel is right for you?

Our products explained

At Good Fuel, we offer a wide range of fire and stove fuels to keep your home warm and cozy. Our selection includes hardwood briquettes, heat logs, and hardwood logs. Our hardwood briquettes come in a convenient bag and are also available in bulk quantities. Looking for an eco-friendly option? Try our heat logs, which come in a pack of 6 and are made from sustainable materials. For those who prefer traditional wood logs, we offer large dumpy bags of hardwood logs.

Whatever your fuel needs, Good Fuel has you covered. Choose clean green energy with Good Fuel, your trusted source for quality fire and stove fuels.

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