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Hardwood Briquettes

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1 Bag of Hardwood Briquettes
Free delivery within 5 miles of Barnstaple or collection from depot (Zone 1)
Buy 20 bags for £12.00 each (save 4%)
Buy 40 bags for £11.00 each (save 12%)


1 Bag of Hardwood Briquettes
£10 delivery within 15 miles of Barnstaple (Zone 2)
Free delivery for orders over £100
Buy 20 bags for £13.00 each (save 4%)
Buy 40 bags for £12.50 each (save 8%)


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Delivery of this item is not available in your ship zone. 

Recycled hardwood briquettes made in North Devon

Our premium quality, recycled hardwood briquettes are made from sawdust sourced from joineries located around North Devon. These really are true ecologs – 95% of which is hardwood waste sawdust, typically Oak or Idigbo, with the remainder comprising of occasional softwood and recycled paper/cardboard packaging. 

Each briquette is about 8cm in diameter with each bag containing approx 100 compressed sawdust briquettes and weighing approx 15kg (sold by bag not weight).

Why are Good Fuel hardwood briquettes so good?

  • Easy to light with just paper
  • Quick to heat – gets up to temperature within 10 mins
  • Consistent quality & LOW moisture content – 5-8% against min 25% for air dried logs
  • Our briquettes contain no artificial additives
  • Efficient burn means very low ash waste, lower residues mean cleaner chimneys and flues
  • Come in sealed bags so are easy to handle with less mess
  • Premium hardwood briquettes are a versatile fuel – wood briquettes can be used multi-fuel stoves, open fires, chimineas, fire pits

Hardwood briquettes delivered across North Devon, Exmoor, Cornwall, Somerset & Dorset

Our products can be collected from our store near Barnstaple. We also provide bagged deliveries across North Devon including Bude, Bideford, Exmoor, South Molton and Tiverton. For customers further afield we can arrange palletised delivery to Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

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